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Site Features of Build it Live's Construction Project Management (SaaS) Software Tool

Build It Live is a 100% web-based tool that makes it simple for every construction project participant to access only the most up-to-date project-specific documents and drawings. No longer will there be confusion over which drawings or documents have been updated or what work has been completed.

It takes only a few minutes on the web to set up, as the software is already set up online. As a project manager you’ll simply upload your drawings into project folders designed to organize your materials.

After you have set up access to your own project there are a few things you should know about Build It Live.

Build It Live has created a one-of-a-kind project management invitation process. With our truly web based platform, all you have to do to add people to your construction project is to enter their email address and send them an invitation. If they accept your invitation they will have access to that project on the web. No licensing fees. No software installations. No downloads. If you have a profile at Build It Live, your contact information and password are yours to keep and are used on any construction project you’re invited to.
Build It Live’s construction project management (SaaS) software program offers the following types of permissions:
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